Monday, February 3, 2014

Yoga Moda


Ive just found another store where you can get great work out wear, especially for yoga. I am seriously digging printed yoga pants.  Cotton On and Adidas are the bomb! They are also not very expensive.   I can't live without fitness myself because that is always the way I take my stress and anger away especially if us girls, have issues sometimes. I also am a health cautious person that Im into any fitness activity except for ball sports and Im also a lover of healthy food, like vegetables, fruits and yoghurt. I also eat oatmeal for breakfast everyday, since that burns your cholesterol. I also don't wanna get fat so I don't eat as much junk food and I don't eat a lot as well.
The fitness activities I would recommend would be, Anti-gravity yoga, Pilates, Zumba and Cardio Boxing.  I would also suggest working out in the gym during your free time as well in order to be fit at least 6 times a week. I do Anti-gravity yoga twice a week and I also work out for the days I don't have class if I have time in the morning or after school. I normally work out in the morning if I don't have class or if I have class in the afternoon.  I also use to do boxing but then my coach left and none of our friends do it anymore.    If you are on a budget, I would suggest doing some Pilates in your room learning from the Youtube user,  Blogilates (Casey Ho). Its really helpful.

Why not spice up patterns and colors together while doing your favorite fitness activities? The same outfits are required for Yoga, the gym Pilates and Zumba.  Below are pictures of me in action at Anti Gravity Yoga class and my most favorite trendy work out wear.  

(c) Francesca 
Anti Gravity Yoga class
I am wearing a purple Nike shirt from Sports Warehouse in Market Market and a pair of polka dot tights from Adiddas. 

Here I am wearing a crop top from Greenhills and a fitting camisole from Forever 21. My purple and black tights are from GAP (Originally my Moms)

Monochrome graphic pants from Adiddas that can match with anything.

Zebra print tights from Adiddas. So trendy!! You can pair this with a neon green or pink racerback tank. 

Abstract tights from Adiddas

These pants are my most favorite activewear ever. Id like to own this while these are on sale and I thought that this is seriously like no other and its one of a kind with the gorgeous palm tress. These are from Cotton On. You can wear this with a pastel colored tank or a black tank.

This is also from Cotton On. I thought this active tank was pretty cool and abstract as well. I like hot the colorful studs are printed with lovely matching colors and I think it will go well with the purple abstract tights above from Adiddas.  Why not have fun clashing the colors of your work out gear? 

Lets work it!!

Monica JLL Seet (Monicchic)

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