Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The trendiest shoes made from local material

This is another trendy brand of shoes here in the Philippines. I recently saw this on ANC news (Greenliving) and I seriously though wow this is amazing making trendy shoes out of local materials.  I love the native tribal prints on the shoes and I like how they have two styles of ballet shoes. I really think that they are a work of art without even trying too hard. Flats can also be trendy!! Heels are not always stylish. Flats can also make you look chic like these strappy ones below. These are shoes to die for.   Click the link, above to see more shoes.  The prices are very reasonable and they are very affordable.  I love how we can find trendy local items at a very decent price and unique designs. Some of them are so artistic that Ive never seen them before.  I really think that the ballet flats below are really edgy that Id totally wear them with my lovely cat tattoo stockings from Forever 21.  You should also check out their Facebook page, Ylla Shoes.  This brand of shoes just suddenly caught my eye when I saw the interview on Greenliving and how they make the shoes. I thought it was really eye catching. Im glad I watched it especially if I wanna take shoe making someday in the future!

Check them out!,

Monica JLL Seet (Monicchic)

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