Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Moschino Fall/Winter 2014-2015 Fashion Show

It looks like an animated season for Moschino! This is by far my most favorite brand from Italy especially with its cuteness and quirkiness.  Franco Moschino has always been known to be quirky and we will never forget him. I love how Jeremy Scott collaborated his cute and quirky designs with Moschino. He is really worth it as a designer for every single brand especially Adidas especially his teddy bear sneakers!  I like how he constantly has food and cartoon inspirations. They are very creative and Ive not seen anything like this before.  My favorite piece in this collection is the bag shaped like a happy meal box. The first thoughts that came to my head are how unique is that? Im sure many consumers would want to get something like that since Ive never seen any other purse shaped like that. I seriously thought that the M shaped sunglasses are really a work of art even though they look like sunglasses for little kids. 

I love how Jeremy Scott came up with a Hershey's printed maxi dress. That shape looks really easy to drape on the mannequin. Draping is fun to do before you can actually sew the actual dress. Its better that way.  I thought that it really is a work of art and I also love the cheesy high low dress that Id totally wear that to a premiere of an animated movie or if they make another film like Ratatouille. With the Hershey's dress which says their own label Moschino, I thought it'll be pretty cool to wear it to an event at Hershey Park Philadelphia. This is the collection that caught my eye the most with enthusiasm and originality. I am also loving the Sponge Bob outfits way below that I seriously wanna get the long pullover and Id totally wear that with a leather skirt and black stockings especially if Sponge Bob Square pants has always been one of my favorite cartoons. I was also digging Jeremy Scott's Bart Simpson pull over and pieces. Id also love to own that someday as well. 

I also like how Moschino itself was able to present its own collection with its usual logo belts and accessories. I seriously love the leather pieces, coats and also their super cute bags. I also think that their bandage buckle dress with their own names on it are very stunning and edgy. The trench coats with buckles on them are also very cool and will make a good winter outfit with those knee high boots. Im glad that Katy Perry and Rita Ora wore the pieces in the Moschino collection to the actual show. I love the coat shaped purse the most. 
Moschino has always been one of the most edgiest brands ever and its by far my most favorite brand.  

Enjoy the fashion weeks!!,

Monica JLL Seet (Monicchic)

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