Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Tigers Come at night

The Tigers come at night with their voices soft like thunder! Its good for us women to be as fierce as tigers so that we can defend ourselves. Im partly inspired by the song, I dreamed a dream from Les Miserables (lyrics: "But the tigers come at night, with their voices soft as thunder"). Les Mis is even one of my most favorite musicals as a Broadway lover myself.  I again had such a fun day at Sewing class, finally finishing my 2nd project which is a tribal print skirt. Stay tuned for my outfit wearing it. Fashion is my passion so I wish to take every single fashion related course if only I had all the money in the world.  I just can't get enough of anything to do with fashion and I would also love to study shoe making someday as well as I dream to have my own clothing and shoe line.

These days Ive been such a huge fan of tigers as they are really edgy and today I decided to go all Jeremy Scott inspired with animated animal prints.  Its fun pairing varsity jackets with maxi skirts especially if varsity jackets look more stylish with maxi skirts than pants. Its not really a typical look and especially if Im the type who is not everybody, I love having my very own style and doing my own stuff.

This varsity bomber jacket is from the Ladies Market in Hong Kong that I got for only HKD$ 30. I can't believe the deals there are the best ones Ive ever had.  I decided to match my tiger head belt from H&M along with my jacket. 
I got my Paris City tee from Pull & Bear in Singapore for only SGD$ 11.90

I had this maxi skirt made by my seamstress out of some recycled and brand new material. I had it made for only PHP 750.

These Oxfords are from Call It Spring that was only PHP 1,500 on sale.  

(c) Archie Perez


Monica JLL Seet (Monicchic)

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