Monday, February 24, 2014

Pink and Green

Im finally getting to wear a skirt I sewed all by myself with the help of my teacher telling me what to do. To stay in with Spring/Summer 2014 which is a Pretty in pink summer, I decided to sew a neon tribal print skirt. To tone down bright colors, I decided to wear a black top with a multi colored necklace. Dark colors mixed with bright colors are the usual colors for the summer get up! I seriously love that mix while they are really fun to look at. Pink and green look so cute together this summer as seen on the window display for Ms. Selfridge (Where I was two days ago) Today was just another casual day at school like any other day.

This is all I had time to throw on for a morning class. I know I don't want to be late so I shouldn't take forever to get ready.
I am wearing my neon necklace from H&M and my pull over from ZARA in Hong Kong that was only HKD$ 199. The clothes there fit very nicely and are affordable if on sale. 

I am wearing my midi skirt I sewed myself in sewing class. I got all my textiles and materials from Carolina's in Glorietta. They only charge about PHP 200 ish for the actual fabric and silk for the lining. 

To match, I decided to use my puffy pink iPhone 4 case that I got while I was at the Ladies Market, Hong Kong. It was only HKD$ 30 ish. They have the best clothes and accessories there so far that are not like any other.  That is a must to visit while in Hong Kong.

Have fun with your creations,

Monica JLL Seet (Monicchic)

"The more wearable your creations are, the more worth it"
-My Own fashion quote of the day

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