Sunday, February 9, 2014

Spring Time Fresh

Hello Spring/Summer 2014!! Its the time of the year to be bright and multi colored. Pink is the hottest color of this season and so are the other bright colors. I was at Tomato and River Island yesterday and all I saw was pink for Tomato and yellow for River Island. I can see that its either shades of pink or florals these days. Since Im more of an edgy rockstar type, I decided to wear florals that are slightly more edgier today. I am happy that pink is the color for Spring/Summer 2014 as that has always been one of my favorite colors from young.

Pink has always been one of my most favorite bright colors ever as it makes me really happy. Its part of the blush color palette and I think its really cute.  I always like it when they are used to the blush palette in a make up kit. Pink can also bee a sign of respect so I shall call it a respectful blushing summer! Pink is used for Breast Cancer Awareness ribbons, roses and to stop bullying. We even had to wear pink one day in high school as a sign to respect one another and stop bullying.

I am wearing a diamonds crop top from Forever 21 in Hong Kong that was only HKD$ 79.   My necklace was given by a family friend from H&M in Las Vegas.

This florals skirt was given to me by my cousin from Dolce & Gabbana.  Im glad it fits right and Id like to thank her for it. Dolce & Gabbana are one of my favorite brands ever with their cute and unusual designs.

To go all pink today, I decided to wear these native bangles I bought from Siem Riep, Cambodia for only USD$ 1 at Angkor Wat Temple. 

I got these at Forever 21 in Hong Kong for only HKD$ 209. Ive been wearing them a lot since they are the most comfortable low heels Ive got so far. 
Pink Color palette

Color yourself with joy!,

Monica JLL Seet (Monicchic)

"Colors in your closet will save you money and time"
-My Own fashion quote of the day

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