Saturday, February 1, 2014

Moto Fringe

My dream came True! I am finally wearing a fringed moto jacket. It was comfortable and fun to wear this outfit to sewing class today. I always thought that its insanely stylish to wear printed shorts with stockings and a leather jacket. This was also very easy to put on in seconds while I only had time to throw on something easy this morning when I had to leave for my whole day sewing class.  I always love going to sewing classes every Saturday as a weekend school since its a fun fashion school and I have cool classmates as well!  Its all about balancing work and having fun at the same time.  Sewing is not an easy task so you really need to be as comfortable as possible. So I wouldn't wear heels while sewing and short shorts itself.

I take sewing classes every Saturday at Fashion Institute of the Philippines (Makati branch). Its a good fashion school for Certificate Courses and I would really recommend for you all wanting to get into fashion or are already taking a fashion course. There are more than one branch (Ortigas and Cebu) I previously took basic fashion design at this school back in 2011, then stopped for a while due to a lack of time in Junior and Senior year.

I am wearing a fringed moto jacket that I was selling for PHP 800. Its a Hong Kong import and since no one liked it, I decided to keep it. 

I got this New York City graphic tee from Mango in Singapore that was only SGD$ 15. 

These new baroque print denim shorts are from Hong Kong at a store called, One Teaspoon. They were only about HKD$ 480. 

I got this hosiery from New Look in Singapore that were on sale for only SGD$ 3.   These leopard print oxfords are from Call It Spring, that were only PHP 1,500. 

Style it up!,

Monica JLL Seet (Monicchic)

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