Friday, January 31, 2014

Its Spring time!!


It looks like its going to be a bohemian spring with paisley, medallion, floral and tribal prints. Today I was at NAVA (A great store with Hong Kong imports)  at Shoppesville,  Greenhills and their latest displays were a paisley printed shorts and a floral printed bomber jacket. Some paisley prints also look like baroque inspired prints. I recently just won a floral dress as a blog giveaway and I hope it comes sometime this week and that they don't sent it to the wrong address and I can totally stay in with that dress I won! Thanks again to Hazel, for selecting me as the winner!!  I can totally make that edgy by wearing it with my large floral belt, H&M moto jacket and my combat boots as well.I will also wear it with my red flower crown.Stay tuned for my spring outfit in my new D&G floral skirt that my lovely cousin gave to me.   I think a flower crown will also look great with any of these outfits above. These are the new arrivals from Forever 21. These days, Ive also been sopping tribal and kimono cardigans.  Flower Crowns are also being sold a lot nowadays and Im glad they stuck with that fashion accessory since last year. They are always so fun to wear at outdoor events, especially music festivals.

Valentines Day is also approaching in two weeks, so show love to the people you treasure in your life. You don't need to have a man to complete you especially if your still young and I don't have a guy this year. So Im just going to enjoy it like a normal day and show love to my friends and family.  A night out fashion tip would be a red and edgy seductive look like a lace or tutu skirt (red) with a black leather crop top.  I can see that red and black are still the colors for Spring and Fuschia will be for summer. Red and black are an evolvement from fall/winter 2013. I shall say, edgy transformed into bohemian. But most of all I will still stick with edgy especially leather while they match with any prints and any style.

Show some LOVE!!,

Monica JLL Seet (Monicchic)

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