Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Guns N Roses 2

As much as I love Guns N Roses, I decided to wear this muscle tee with a ballet skirt this time and my new stilettos. Guns N Roses will never fade or die down. My most favorite song of theirs is Welcome To the Jungle with such a catchy tune. Many of the classic rock songs are better than some of the music in the present.  I still listen to a lot of the old music and Im a music lover myself as I mentioned I love to sing on one side that I sometimes make singing videos (do covers of songs) and post them on Facebook.  Ive also sung several times at school talent shows back in Middle school and high school.  Since I was only 13 I always loved wearing band graphic tees with an edgy style.  Id love to own The Beatles graphic tee someday as much as I also love listening to them.

To also stay in with Spring 2014, I decided to wear my rosette crown and also the Guns N Roses logo also has roses on it. This can also represent the month of showing love to everyone! Many florals are being sold everywhere nowadays as new arrivals. I wouldn't wear florals unless they have some edge to it.  Florals were also popular back in Spring/Summer 2011, originating from the 90's grunge look.
I am wearing a moto jacket from H&M in Hong Kong that was only HKD$ 399.  My Guns and Roses tank is from Androgyne in Market! Market! that was only PHP 250.

This tutu skirt is from Belle Fille that was only PHP 300. My is from Cotton On in Singapore that was only SGD$ 5. 

I am wearing my new stilettos from People Are People that was only PHP 1,499 on sale. I thought its not a bad price for fancy shoes imported from the USA. 

Rock out in Spring time!,

Monica JLL Seet (Monicchic)

"Fashions stay, trends change"
-My Own Fashion quote of the day