Friday, February 28, 2014

"BALENCIAGA" Mode a Paris Autumn Winter 2014 2015 by Fashion Channel

This is another Leather winter story. Leather is something you can never go wrong with. It is a classic material, used in almost all fashion pieces. Leather bags are the most popular with its good quality and its also used to keep you warm. This is by far one of my most favorite collections from A/W 2014. It is by far one of the edgiest with leather and many zippers.  I love the trousers with many zippers the most that Id wear that with a graphic tee and a moto jacket.  But I like how they are paired with the long zipper tops as well. They match well and Im really fascinated with the whole outfit.  With Alexander Wang being the creative director for Balenciaga, I think that this collection is very him as I know he constantly uses these colors even for his own Alexander Wang Collection. So I pretty much know his own style. He is one of my favorite designers.

Another favorite pieces of mine in this collection are the leather tops with skinny trousers. I like how they are shaped geometrically that Id wear it during winter time. I like how they are paired with a stunning classic thick belt. I also really like the metal belts with a leather dress. I think those dresses will also look super chic with stockings and ankle heeled boots.  I am also in love with the high low turtle neck top with pants. Ive been wanting to design something like that, but my own style once I get the hang more of the sewing machine and I think that is very chic that I think it will look great with my leopard print jeans from Pull & Bear or Zebra print jeans for a black version of that top.  Balenciaga will always be one of the most stylish brands ever that Im glad I own the City 21 bag. Maybe when Im working Id love to own a cross body or clutch model someday.

I can see some futuristic inspirations in this collection with one of the dresses below. Its because of how its shaped and they almost look the the attire I see in futuristic films.  I also notice in every fall/winter collections Ive seen, fur bags are always used due to the cold weather. I think its better to just own one fur bag that can last and save it for every cold weather since they can't be used in the hot weather.  I can now spot the trends for the season which will be high low (one side longer this time) and Im loving it. It is one big evolvement from the trendy high low skirts we had for quite some time.

Most of all I love the zipper details in this collection especially the ones with a fur collar.

The high low trend Im spotting right now

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Monica JLL Seet (Monicchic)

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