Saturday, January 25, 2014

Watching Wicked

Its time to try Defying Gravity!! Get your Broomsticks ready people! Wicked is in town!! I had a really great time watching Wicked here in Manila, Philippines. It is really a must to watch this musical and I had a really great time watching the show. I love this musical which is a parallel to The Wizard Of Oz. As much as I am a lover of Broadway musicals, I decided to have a picture with this poster as a souvenir. Ive always loved Broadway shows from young as a New Yorker myself. I still remember watching my very first Broadway play, Beauty and the Beast at age 3 and Avenue Q when I was in New York 4 years ago. Ive also watched many musicals in Manila as I also love to sing during my free time.  It was a great show with such good singers who are amazingly powerful and its a meaningful play.

This is my fashion tip on how to dress while watching a musical. You don't have to look as grand and formal as watching an opera.  Its alright to be semi-formal for a Broadway play! Why not if you can have fun and dress for the theme of the musical? I saw someone wear a green and black varsity jacket (from LaSalle College) which would be team Elphaba I shall say. Since I don't  have anything green in my wardrobe, I decided to portray more of Galinda by wearing this pink tutu skirt and a diamonds top. She wore a pink tutu dress in one of the scenes.


Sneak peak of the set

I carried this native semi formal clutch that was given by my Uncle during Christmas. Its from a Filipino store called, Kultura. This always makes a great gift.

I am wearing my buckle booties from New Look in Singapore that were only SGD$ 26. That is one great affordable shoe store. 

This DIY tutu skirt here is one of my designs. I bought the fabrics from Carolina's in MegaMall. 

I got this new diamonds crop top from Forever 21 while I was at Hong Kong about a week ago for only HKD$ 80. That is one of the trendiest Forever 21 branches ever.  

Hope you enjoyed this tip! Try it out!,

Monica JLL Seet (Monicchic)

"Semi-formal will relax you more than formal"
-My Own Fashion quote of the day

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