Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Style up your Glasses

If you really need glasses, there are always ways to make them look stylish! Don't be scared of being called four eyes. That term is like so 11 years ago when we were still kids and I think its an insanely childish term. You can still make them look edgy with your cool studded and leather outfits. Glasses are safer than contacts anyways so I would suggest using glasses you can style well with an edgy look.  You can still stand out in a good way wearing these super cute large frames and they have been very popular with K-Pop stars now a days.  They can even make you look super cool for school in your lovely pull over and high top sneakers or combat boots.   This is one of my back to school fashion tips on how to rock your glasses.   They will look even edgier if you have cute colored/ombre hair. 

Today I just had my eyes checked and glasses made at Sarabia Optical in Market! Market!  So I just had to throw on a simple outfit in order to blend in more with the crowd. Im glad my glasses matches with the whole outfit.  But if you wanna wear this outfit to school, I would suggest wearing thick stockings or leather leggings underneath your high waist shorts in order to be more school appropriate.

I got my frame at Spectacle Hut in Singapore for only about SGD$ 120. I would strongly recommend not to cheap if you want it to last long especially if you need to wear them the whole time like I do now in order for your degree not to get worse. This is some Japanese brand but there are a wide selection of brands at that store.  This shape has been in fashion since last year and are one of my favorite fads from 2012-2013-2014! Some people even use the frame as an accessory without using the power glass.  Celebrities also rock the frame very well and I feel that they can still make anyone look as pretty as they are without glasses. 
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Ray-Ban is one of the best brands for eye glasses besides their classic sunglasses. Maybe Ill get one when Im already working.

It looks like Kim Kardashian is rocking leopard eye glasses and they match so well with what she is wearing. I can see that her earrings still stand out nicely. She is still as gorgeous and sexy!

If your daring and not shy, 
why not pimp up with cute Hello Kitty frames with a red and black plaid shirt? I found this on ebay.com, but you can get these at Claire's accessories since they have many other cute frames as well like the ones with a mustache.  If you have a kid who needs glasses I think these frames are best suited for little girls so that it will make them wear their glasses the whole time.  Wear this pair with your Hello Kitty Vans to look Kawaii cute.

Stay tuned for my back to school outfit and good luck in your second semester!,

Monica JLL Seet (Monicchic)

"Glasses, now a days are more style than contacts"
-My Own Fashion Quote of the day

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