Monday, January 6, 2014

Fashion Advisory

Fashion Advisory!! My legs are caught in a net!! Its always fun to be edgy and rock your personal style with pieces that are eccentric in a good way. I just love expressing my own-self and showing who I really am. This is a fashion tip on how to mix loud and casual at the same time. Excuse me if now I have to blog every other day because I am working on my starter clothing line/merchandise and preparing for my trip to Hong Kong Fashion week next week since I have to leave at 6AM in the morning for my 8AM flight.
If you wanna look loud and casual at the same time, I would suggest pairing a loud piece with a simple, casual top and cool shoes. I shall call it funk up the casual.  I always thought this original Advisory for explicit content sign was really edgy and it originally was "Parental Advisory Explicit content" This sign was always used on music CD's if there were any curse words in the songs.  I am also digging the Parental Advisory clutch Ive seen on ebay and I found it on this cool site. Ill try scavenger hunting for it  since I can't order internationally yet.

I am wearing a new pullover top from City Plaza in Singapore for only SGD$ 25. I thought its not a bad price for something unique and tough to find.

My chain necklace is from Cotton On that was only SGD$ 5 on sale. 

I am wearing this new midi edgy skirt with a net from Forever 21 in ViVo City Singapore that was only SGD$ 25.  

I am wearing a new spiky bracelet that was only SGD$ 7.90 from Bershka in Singapore. My Skull and key double ring is from my own line Candyica. The URL is

Rock your edginess!,

Monica JLL Seet (Monicchic)

"Loud and Simple are like patterns. Never be too much from top to bottom"
-My Own Fashion Quote of the day

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