Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Happy Lunar New Year

Hey everybody,

 Happy Chinese New Year! (Gong Xi Fa Chai)!! Its the time of the new year again and I hope you all will have a great reunion dinner!  Its always great to wear red around this time and I decided to mix and match it with gold as always.  Those are the colors for Chines New Year, as they are constantly used on the red packets given to family for Good Luck. Red and Gold seem to be colors for good luck I guess and gold always brings a happy and luxury mood. Colors can be used in many ways and they make a person have a certain mood. Thats how they came up with mood rings. The use of color is always very important in life, having to do with Fashion, Interior and Event planning. You need to make sure they don't clash too much with the lighting as I know that it can be dizzying that way. Colors also need to suit the right occasion/holiday. Its just like decorations.

This fanned shirt is a Forever 21 export overrun that I got at Greenhills for only PHP 250. 

I got these bunny tights while I was at Hong Kong two weeks ago. They were only HKD$ 35 from the Ladies Market in Mongkok.  That is one of my favorite places to shop a lot. 

I added studs to this pinafore dress that I got while I was in Singapore for the holidays. It was only SGD$ 10 from City Plaza. 
To match, I decided to wear a red bracelet and ring as well. My plaid bangle is from a bazaar. I got it for a 3 for PHP 100 deal. 

Gong Xi Fa Chai!!,

Monica JLL Seet (Monicchic)

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