Sunday, January 19, 2014

Fresh From Hong Kong

It has been pretty hectic these two days, coming back from Hong Kong and unpacking that Im not even completely done yet. I really miss it there so much that I wanna go back in time. I had such a fun experience with shopping and fashion. Of course, I had ups and downs at the same time which Im sure happens to you all out there. We just need to deal with our downs and have fun with our ups. Today, I was just out with my family like any other Church going Sunday.
We must all remember the feast of the Santo Nino (Baby Jesus) today and that Christ is our Savior. Today I decided to throw on a simple outfit for Church without the hat then I threw on the hat after church. This is a new outfit from Hong Kong. I have countless clothes from their that Ill probably stop buying for now, until June now that my closet just filled up.  I look very tired in the pictures due to a lack of sleep after arriving at midnight back in Manila.  I shall say that Im feeling so skull'd today and Punk'd!

I got these platform style sneakers at Monki for only HKD$ 250.  It was one of the best stores Ive ever been to. 

This cross body is from the Ladies Market in Mongkok that was only around HKD $ 30 ish.  Almost everything there are very affordable and seriously tough to find in a normal mall.

I got this belt from for only PHP 100 something.  This plaid mini is from ZARA in Hong Kong that I got for only HKD$ 99 on sale. The deals on designer wear are also very good and reduced further. 

This skull chiffon shirt is from Cotton On that I bought for only HKD$ 200. That is the best Cotton On branch Ive been to so far with the best styles and the most chic one so far.

Have a great back to school!,

Monica JLL Seet (Monicchic)

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