Sunday, January 19, 2014

Hong Kong

I had a magical fashion journey in Hong Kong for 5 days in total with all the shopping and going to the world boutique. It was my first fashion week abroad ever and I enjoyed it with all the creative fashion designers like no other and the event was made enthusiastically. It was great dressing to kill and seeing many gorgeous fashion styles. The women in Hong Kong are seriously very stylish and whimsical at the same time with fur boots and exclusive designs at the ladies market. But too bad I couldn't buy any of them since I cannot wear them here in the Philippines. I also couldn't get enough of the fashion over there and exploring the world of fashion.  It was one of the safest places to dress up in your own personal style especially if Im the type who loves to wear tattoo stockings and distressed tights.  It's also safe to look like you just got out of a magazine and no one will bother you because over there its considered blending in with the crowd and Hong Kong was pretty much my type of fashion crowd that I am always comfortable with.  I was able to shop a lot at H&M and the Ladies Market. The brands over there are tax free, so you can buy as much as you want within your budget. Save your money if you are taking a trip to HK! Their are tons of cheap flights from Manila. I bought a lot of stuff from various malls that I even had to buy a duffle from Cotton On.   The must see shopping areas with unique designs are mostly Fashion Walk and the Ladies Market. 
It was just like how I attend fashion events when everyone dresses up creatively and stylish.  It was also a safe city in a way that besides fur coats, boots and stockings, I also saw many women carry high end signature bags all over, in the malls and on the trains. Stay tuned for my entry in two days about what I saw at HK Fashion Week and the World Boutique even though a lot of photo taking was not allowed due to copyright issues.

I am wearing a cat ear beanie from TerraNova that was only about PHP 245.

My moto jacket is from H&M in Hong Kong for only HKD$ 399.  I am wearing a graphic dress from H&M in Singapore for only SGD$ 7.  

These Cat tattoo stockings are from Forever 21 that were only PHP 500. 

I am wearing my new sneakers (flat-form style) that were only HKD$ 250 from a store called Monki. Its one of the best Hong Kong brands ever. They are great with designing. 

My travel outfit coming from the plane!

Trench Coat-Thrift Store (ZARA brand)

Scarf- H&M (5 Euros from Amsterdam)

Top- Bershka

Jeggings- Uniqlo

Booties- new look

Eye glasses- Spectacle Hut

Chilling at my hotel in Causeway Bay. I stayed at a hotel with an artistic lobby and I would highly recommend it due to its affordability. Its called Mini Hotel, Causeway Bay.  Since you can't really see my outfit clearly, I can only tell you that my distressed leggings are from Market! Market! that were only PHP 250.

Thats all for my clear outfits!!!,

Monica JLL Seet (Monicchic)

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