Saturday, January 4, 2014

Wild at Heart

Just an ordinary day at Greenhills Tiangge today like any other! I decided to go chill today with mixing prints together again. This time I decided to go with the Americana theme again with my new Eagle graphic tee I got when I was in Singapore. I just had some family time at Greenhills shopping center, dropping my brother off at badminton. Im glad I finally found a red and black cropped plaid shirt that was only PHP 250. (Forever 21 Export overrun) I will be getting rid of my old spiky bracelet and use it as studs details on the shirt.  Greenhills has one of the best export overruns so far with great quality brands and they fit better than many other cheap clothing.

This is one fashion tip on how to pair your flat sandals and make them look edgy. But make sure they match very well with the outfit. Especially if its hot in the Philippines, its always great to wear sandals. They are also easy to put on. So they are very convenient and easy to move around in.  Sandals are not always plain looking, it all depends on how you wear them. Im glad I finally found these spiked sandals that are Jeffrey Campbell inspired and I can totally kick someone with this if someone messes with me as I know they are pretty sharp and prickly like a porcupine.

I am wearing this Eagle graphic tee from Cotton On in Singapore for only SGD$ 10 on sale. My denim jacket is a Forever 21 Export overrun that was only PHP 450 from Greenhills.
I am wearing a chain necklace I also got at Cotton On for only SGD$ 5. 

This tribal skater skirt is from Factory Outlet Store in Siem Reap Cambodia that was only USD$ 11. It is a Forever 21 skirt. 

I am wearing my new spiked flat sandals I got while I was at Singapore, for only SGD$ 5 on sale from Rubi by Cotton On.  Cotton On in Singapore is the best branch ever in Asia as I know its very cheap. Ill see how the Hong Kong branch is like next week when I go there for Fashion Week! 


Monica JLL Seet (Monicchic)

"You can doll up in any fashion piece"
-My Own Fashion Quote of the day

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