Thursday, December 12, 2013

Studded Head

A Comfortable outfit with a loud rocker chic studded cap is the perfect attire to work in. I had to work for almost the whole afternoon at school selling my items from my starter clothing line, Candyica. Im glad I got to sell a number of them. But I am having a clearance sale on the left over items I did not sell yet on my Facebook like page (I hope I find a great way to create my official website). I will also be selling new items in January for Spring/Summer 2014, so stay tuned!!  The link to my page is

This can be my working fashion tips, now that I pretty much changed my style into something more comfortable ever since the location of my College changed. You move around when you work a lot and Id totally wear this to a play practice as well.  So just find anything comfortable and chic in your closet if you have to work hard.  I even had to carry my tote bag with my items inside and also my mannequin that I had to dress for display (The main best clothes I wanted to promote).  I also had to carry my main school bag with many things inside.  I still decided to dress for the street theme of my collection for Fall/Winter 2013.
So the most comfortable and chic pieces in your closet, would be a printed bomber jacket, combat boots, studded loafers and a studded snapback.  Id wear a tank top with Denim shorts and combat boots if I were to be selling outside which will definitely be hotter.

I got this studded front snapback which I always wanted from the bazaar tent at Eastwood Mall for only PHP 450.  

I got this laced  and leather bomber jacket from Tomato in Glorietta on sale for only about PHP 500 something.  I decided to pair it with my Houndstooth tank top from Express because this jacket goes the best with Houndstooth prints. Ill also pair this with my skulls and hearts top one day. 

These grey shorts here were given by my cousin and I believe they are from either Bangkok or China?

Baller bands are also very comfortable to wear if you need to move around a lot. I got this at a charity event in High School. It say "Im Starting with the man in the mirror" from Michael Jacksons song. You can get many of these for PHP 100 only. 

My wrap around studded bracelet was only PHP 85 from Clark Hot Air Balloon Fest back in March. 

Posing with the Fashion Marketing and Management advertisement as I am proud to be a Fashion Marketing student! 

The stall I set up all by myself with the help of the staff and the guard carrying the table and the mannequin. Id like to thank all of you who bought almost all my merchandise. I really appreciate and also to my Mom for helping me out with everything. Id also like to thank the whole school for sharing my poster advertisement on Facebook.  

Relax and stay comfortably chic!,

Monica JLL Seet (Monicchic)

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