Wednesday, December 11, 2013

My Starter Clothing Line

Hello my fellow fashionistas,

I am starting my own business on having a clothing line.  This is for anyone in the Philippines and my friends in Singapore.  This is actually for my Buying Principles 2 class where we need to put up our very own business and sell actual fashion items from suppliers in Divisoria.  I will be having my mini bazaar at school tomorrow (Thursday) to physically sell while I wasn't able to sell at Eastwood Mall. I will be selling more clothes and accessories after my trip to Singapore because I will be getting from my suppliers there. I want to have edgy meets girly meets wild! So get any unique items and you will get a free drawstring pouch with any purchase of accessories and a free tote bag or MAC pouch with any purchase of attire.  I will also be holding contests and promotions one day which will be a giveaway on my blog (Any item from Candyica)  I named my clothing line Candyica for my love for candies and colors and also the last three letters of my first name. I will see which item is the most popular then I will order more of those to sell.
My leather sleeved denim jackets are all hand made at the back and I had the sleeves sewn as well. They are my original designs and are not easy to find. My sizes are all free.  So like my page and check back for more new items which will be added in January!!

So buy now or cry later!

Monica JLL Seet (Monicchic)

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