Friday, December 13, 2013

Rock out in Pajamas

One way to make your pajama style pants dressy, would be to wear a blazer with it and stilettos. This won't make you look sloppy or as if you just got out of bed.  It was great rocking out my pajama style pants to school today. These have been an on going fad for a long time. I like how these pants have such a soft material that make your body easy to move around in. You can even wear this with your two piece bathing suit at the beach.  It won't be very hot and you will still be able to chill.  I also decided to mix and match it with a slightly silky top to not make it look like I got out of bed and this blazer I constantly use for traveling and final presentations.  So pimp up your pajama style clothing and look elegant! These pants are one of my favorite fads from 2012-2013.  You can go to work like this also if its allowed or school.
I will be off to Batangas tomorrow to be a Ninang for my friends baby, so I might not have time to blog if I come home late.

Here I am wearing a black blazer from SM, Ladies department that was only PHP 1,500.  My Skulls and houndstooth top is from Push Thru Marketing inc. in Market Market!.

This new chain necklace here is from my starter clothing line business, Candyica and I was just selling this for PHP 200. 

I am wearing a pair of  drawstring printed trousers from 168 Mall, Divisoria for only PHP 150.   These white stilettos are from Ever New that were only PHP 1,500. 

Chill in elegance!,

Monica JLL Seet (Monicchic)

"Casual attire can also be styled artistically"
-My Own Fashion Quote of the day


  1. My height forever restricts me from rocking out pajamas.
    You should participate in my give away! You have a very nice body build that will fit perfectly in the dress!

    I encourage you to participate in my give away!

    1. Thanks Hazel! <3 Ill check out your blog and the giveaway. Awwe, Im sure you'll look great in anything! :)