Tuesday, December 3, 2013

My Birthday Dinner

It is always important to look your best on your birthday! So I decided to wear one of my most formal dresses that I can also use for presentations and traveling. It looks like I have an animal theme today with zebra, leopard and tiger knuckles. It is also important to dress well for an expensive restaurant. I am wearing flats because I went to a walking distance restaurant with my family from my house and I could trip in heels in the dark if Im not careful. So I think a semi formal attire is enough
 Im sure that is important to one human being to look ones best on a special day of the year, but I also like helping people for my birthday by giving to charity and celebrating with the Orphanage kids.
This time I didn't want any parties, all I wanted was Japanese dinner, Stocks and a leather bag. But I was glad I celebrated it last year with Orphanage kids at least once in my life. So this year, I decided to be a stock/share holder as much as Im also very interested in Business. Im happy to be having business, fashion, fitness and doing service in my life. This is one way to be happier, if you think about others and yourself at the same time.

Here I am wearing this new bib necklace from Greenhills that I got for only PHP 150. Stay tuned for my other outfit with this necklace tomorrow!

I am wearing this PHP 845 red leather jacket from NAVA. 

This dress is an export overrun (Brand:Express) that was only PHP 600 from Greenhills Tiangge. 

I am wearing my ballet flats from Aerosoles that I got 3 years ago for only PHP 1,800. 

Be special on important days!,

Monica JLL Seet (Monicchic)

"Heels are not always to be pretty, it all depends where you are"
-My Own Fashion quote of the day!

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