Thursday, December 5, 2013

Karl Lagerfeld se dessine

Karl Lagerfeld is one of my top favorite designers on my list. We must all love Chanel's CEO!!! I really thought it was amazing on how he can draw really quickly without messing up. This is a recently uploaded French video on what he draws and also explaining the history of each designs he pretty much re draws. I always like his use of water colors and markers. He is one of the most unique designers ever for a long time and will never get old just like how Coco Chanel never did or any other high end designer. He is also really inventive and I think his ideas are very original.

 I also like his own clothing line called KARL and his collaborations with other brands like H&M, Shu Uemura, Sephora and the jelly shoes, Melissa. I really love his ice cream heels for Melissa that is seriously not like any other. So far, they are the best Melissa shoes I have ever seen and my most favorite ones so far. Maybe Id like to own that if they go on sale.  For people who are lovers of heels, it won't make you look like your trying too hard since they are not that high and made out of jelly. Jelly shoes are very comfortable to walk in, just as long as they are not Crocs.

Im glad that he made it to be a creative director for Fendi. That is also a brand that will never die down. I shall say that his style is pretty edgy, especially the way he dresses and also a number of his designs with Chanel, Melissa and his own brand Karl. So Check out all of them. He also seems to be into the the most classic colors of all time, black and white.  I like how he wears his shades all the time as well. He totally pulls it off so well.

Backstage at Fendi

One of the limited edition Chanel Bags. The way Karl Lagerfeld draws. 


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