Friday, December 6, 2013

Fashion Tip of the day: Cool for School

You can look cool for school like this without trying too hard and it will keep you warm enough in class.  While some of us still have school for two weeks, I decided to give this tutorial and also you can still dress like this when you all go back to school after the Holidays.  Jersey dresses with denim jackets are the best ways to have a school cool get up. If you are still in High School don't wear a beanie as it is not allowed in classes during high school. But when your in college or a university it will be acceptable.  Trend up with a studded leather or a tribal backpack.  Tribal print backpacks has been a popular long term fad with young women. They really do stand out a lot. You can get them at Bazars or Forever 21.

Wedged sneakers will also spice up your gorgeous look for school and also a chain necklace with a lion head. You'll be very comfortable enough to study and be able to focus, especially if you have a hard subject for the day and Im dressed down the most on the days I have Accounting, as I get confused in that class sometimes.  I know I also gotta be smart with the way I dress and be sure Im still comfortable. That is very important for school, while I don't want people to think that I belong to a fashion parade. You can still be a style icon and have the hottest clothes in school that way with your style expression. One way, you can stand out and look edgy would be to use some semi-permanent crazy colored hair dye from Hot Topic and dye your hair in Ombre style or just highlight your hair. Ill get one pack of pink hair dye when I go back to the States.

Both from Hot Topic: Semi Permanent hair dye. 

These two tribal print backpacks are from 

This one right here is a denim studded bag from TOPSHOP. They also have the best bags Ive ever seen.

This new striped denim jacket is a Forever 21 export overrun from Greenhills that was only PHP 450. I shall say, its a very decent price for a printed denim jacket.

I am wearing my panther jersey dress from H&M I got at New York City for about USD$ 9.95.  

 I got this DIY studded tribal print backpack at a night market in Siem Reap, Cambodia for only USD$ 10. 
That is such a great deal for a backpack. Over there has such cheap and good shopping with really good service.  Visit the famous Angkor Wat in the day and other sites, then you can go shopping at night in the markets! It was really fun!

I am wearing my cat ear beanie from TerraNova in Glorietta that was only PHP 245.  This beanie won't make you look like your trying too hard and will still be casual cute. 

Walk the hallways in a cool outfit!,

Monica JLL Seet (Monicchic)

"Loud and Casual will look spiced up enough"
-My Own Fashion quote of the day

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