Friday, November 8, 2013

Yves Saint Laurent: L'amour fou - The latest fashion movie

The movie industry finally made another fashion film, Yves Saint Laurent.  As much as I love stylish foreign films, I can't wait to see how this one is like while the trailer caught my eye. I loved the Coco Avant Chanel film, So I can't wait to see how this French movie is like. Yves Saint Laurent is also one of my favorite designers and I also love YSL bags.  This film is based on the life of Yves Saint Laurent in 1958. That was the year after he found himself at age 21. Believe it or not, thats a pretty young age to be already discovered and be the head designer of Christian Dior''s fashion house. He submitted three designs in a contest to Christian Dior and his designs won first prize. The photos below of him holding one of his designs that won first prize. It is a cocktail dress he first designed.  I also loved his Fall/Winter 2013 collection that made me forecast right away that chains and leather were going to be the trends of the season.   I always enjoyed watching fashion films/documentaries that I saw almost every single one of them in my life. That is part of my passion for fashion and I always loved clothes, shoes and accessories since I was only 3 and a half.

It was so sad that he suffered from a brain cancer in 2008 and died from it. So may we all remember one of the greatest fashion designers of all time.  Stay tuned for more updates on fashion movies and I can't wait to see this in 2014! It looks like a must see to me after watching the trailer. Check out the video above! This was the latest news I got on!

Once again, this has been Monica JLL Seet with more fashion reporting!

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