Thursday, November 7, 2013

Tufi Duek Winter 2014 Runway Show | Sao Paulo Fashion Week SPFW | FashionTV

Now it looks like its about time we set the trends for next year, Winter 2014. I shall trend forecast a more dark winter this time.But it looks like we are loving the leather scheme. I think that leather is the best for winter in order to keep warm. You can still look like a diva and be more comfortable at the same time.  I can see that we are still sticking with red and black which makes card games the ultimate classic. I like how they used the black obi style belt for the waist and made it look really edgy. It also looks like we are going to have short fringes and red and black chevron prints and Im loving it now. I can see that many Brazillian designers are getting good and they are always one of the most ahead of the trends because they have their fashion weeks as early as possible. I would love to visit Brazil one day as well.  I shall also say that Tufi Duek is one of the best Brazillian designers ever.

While Brazil has a tropical climate, I can see that they are just keeping up with the color scheme and not having too many coats. I am also digging the gladiator sandals right below! I always love the high cut ones and I like how they are strapped almost all over the legs. I can see that the fashion industry will be keeping thigh high boots and I would love to own one someday for a more tropical climate and if mine get old.

This dress is also looking really cute even if its drop waist. These are a comeback from the 20's/30's flapper style. These were to not make the women look to sexual for guys to get horny on. I also like the pants with the turtle neck sweater above. I never seen anything like that before and its stylish.  I like how the fringe is going over the high waist part of the pants. One must be one of a kind in order to star something new. We can't keep on repeating stuff. 

This dress is styled well with the obi style belt and can make a girls waist look smaller without trying too hard because it looks like its part of the dress or even sewn to it. 
Stay Tuned for more Winter 2014 trends!

This has been Monica JLL Seet with Trend Reporting/Predicting!,

"Your Style your way!"


  1. So great presentation...I liked your collection of designer tunics !!

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    2. Actually, this collection is by a Brazillian designer! Thanks anyways for liking the entry! Just checked out ur store! Its looking great! :)