Sunday, November 3, 2013

Two Different Prints ( How to Clash in a good way)

You don't have to wear the exact same color to go with black and white prints. It won't have a good, eye catching contrast. So today I decided to mix tribal along with plaid. I also love to clash outfits in a good way as well as I also love art, color and harmony. If you wanna clash in a good way, make sure to mix black and white prints with a solid color or any colored patterns that aren't too much too look at.

This get up is to keep up with Fall/Winter 2013 with the black and white aztecs along with dark plaid, especially if red is the hottest color for the season and its one of my favorite colors too. I know Ive said that Im not a fan of plaid before but this is the only plaid I like because its edgy and won't make you look like a farmer.  This will make you look more like a rockstar and stand out more. I might get a studded cotton shirt like this one day to match with my cross print tee and my maxi skirt that Im going to have made. I think its great mixing and matching prints of the season in order to match the weather. Many of dark plaids are being sold in designer stores and everywhere. I was at Bershka today in Glorietta and I saw many of those along with chains and leather. Bershka is one of my favorite stores and its a sister company of ZARA. Many of the Spanish brands are also very trendy and well updated.
 The main themes are Sporty, Street Wear, School girl, Rebel and Street wear.  Crop tops with a high neckline are also in style because pop artist, Miley Cyrus started the trend. Its all in the pop culture.
But I love street wear the most and chain necklaces due to the edginess.  Id also love to own a necklace with words on it like glam or sexy! Maybe if I can find a cheap one tomorrow in Market! Market!

This is one of my most chill outfits for Church on a Sunday Morning.

This plaid studded tank top here is actually my Moms that I chose for her and borrowed it. The brand is Express and its an export overrun that was only PHP 300. I thought its not a bad price for chiffon and cotton used at the same time. 

I am wearing a cropped denim jacket from Rue 21 that was only USD$ 3. Why not DIY any of your cheap clothes? Its one way to express yourself.  I am wearing a belt from M{Phosis in Singapore that was only SGD$ 18.90. That is one of Singapore's trendy boutiques and I can't wait to go again in December. 

Ive been hooked on wearing this chain necklace that can go with anything. This is currently in style as part of the street wear. You can get it at Girl Shoppe for only PHP 180 ish or Push Thru Marketing inc.

I am wearing a tribal print skater skirt I got while I was in Siem Reap, Cambodia from store called F.O.S (Factory Outlet Store) for only around USD$11.90.  The brand is Forever 21 and its an export overrun. That is the best and cheapest and best export overrun store Ive ever been to. Its also shopping heaven in Cambodia. 

I am carrying my favorite studded tote purse from Michael Kors Outlet, Woodbury Common that was only USD$ 200 ish. Its a really decent price for a high end brand and authentic leather. 

I am wearing my combat boots from Forever 21 that I bought last year for USD$ 22 on sale. Im glad they can last and are easy to run around in. These are also looking hot this fall and are one of my favorite casual wear.  Show your rebellious and fierce side this fall. Say good bye to flirty!

Keep On Rocking!,

Monica JLL Seet (Monichic)

"Clashing won't make you a dork"
-My Own Fashion Quote of the day

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