Monday, November 4, 2013

Philippine Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014-Luxewear

 What can I say about these various summer style designs? I have a lot to say! They are looking very unique, pretty edgy and some of them are suitable for a luxury resort in sunny Boracay for Summer 2014!  This is one of the latest news I got from Philippine Fashion Week Live. Even though I didn't have time to go this time but I hope I get to go to the Holiday 2014 show, I at least got to receive the latest news in my inbox while I am subscribed to PHFW!  These shows normally have countless designers showcasing their collections that I love all of them equally. I think the green dress right below by Jerome Ang is looking so summerliciously fine and I think it will look great to wear to a movie premier in the summer! I also like the metal belt that goes with it.

I also love the black one by Roland Lirio with a bathing suit and a cover up that looks like they are sewn together. I think its ready to go beach babe along with a gorgeous sun hat and so is the white one by Tina Danaic. I always love net/sheer maxi skirts and I think that that net dress will also look great as a swimwear cover up or you can wear it with a body con tube dress with a belt if it was a separate net dress. But I think Ill wear that white dress to a wedding while no one is allowed to wear black at a wedding.  It looks like the color, green is constantly used in Spring/Summer 2014 fashion shows. I am also loving the one by Lyle Ibanez with a one piece and a cape. Its just as edgy and fierce at the same time. Id wear that to the beach if only I were a rich celebrity.

Most of all the Spring/Summer 2014 are looking colorful and lively for the season! So stay chill and colorful!

This has been Monica JLL Seet with Spring/Summer 2014 style reporting!

"Your Style, Your Identity!"


  1. My top faves in this show are the sportwear trend from VJ Floresca, head pieces from Yvone Quisimbing and the chocolate dress from Vania Romoff that strutted as if it was floating in the air. The human hair violin performance is very classy and not to mention the gorgeous sam pinto is there =). By the way Im living in Pembo makati, 15 - 20 minute walk / drive to BGC. Hope that if time and the weather permits, we can collaborate into a look book project =) God bless =)


    1. I know! The head pieces are always a whimsical work of art! I love Yvone Quisumbing as well! Thats great your living in Makati! I go to school there as well, ever since Raffles Design Institute moved there! :) A look book project sounds cool!

      Monica Seet