Saturday, November 2, 2013

Fashion highlights from Cambodia

Everywhere has their own fashion style with cultural prints. Ive been to Native stores a number of times in alms every where Ive visited around the world. Vietnam and Thailand also has their own style of clothing and accessories. Ive also explored Japanese fashion style very well, with pastel colors and Lolita outfits.  I think that these original aztec prints are really unique in its own style and coming in different colors and prints. They also used their own fabrics. Labor in Cambodia is very affordable, so when you shop their, its also not expensive at all.  I really enjoyed this trip to Siem Reap and I was able to buy a backpack and two drawstring pants. Many of the tourist constantly wear the elephant print drawstring pants due to its comfort and soft material as well.  Elephants has always been a part of Thai and Cambodian culture.  They are also made for the climate their (Its constantly hot). But I bought one of those only for sleeping because its too thin.   These bags above are handmade and come in different styles from totes to backpacks.

This backpack below is the one I bought at the night market at Pub Street. It was only around USD$ 10. (Everything there is listed in dollars).  These tribal print backpacks has been in style for quite some time and I think they are super trendy and unusual unlike a lot of the ordinary sporty backpacks. I can use this for traveling or school. There are a lot of ways to make it look chic.  The bags also has a really great handicraft just like Vietnam. I still have one handbag from there that I use for the beach. 

I also saw many of the loose tops with either elephants or tribal/floral prints. I thought some of them looked a little Pocahontas style especially the green one with Native prints below. But it looks great as a beach dress honestly speaking. I really like how they can have their own cultural work of art like no other. They constantly sell Harem Pants, Palazzos, Maxi skirts and dresses. I also bought an export over run maxi dress there for only USD$ 7.  Stay tuned for more cultural work of art and fashion sense as I travel because I am also a travel-holic/addict and I love exploring fashion around the world with different styles. 

Now I can see where part of the aztec prints originated from. Its just like what I saw at a Native American store in Montreal, Canada. 

These are the ones I bought to use as pajamas.

This has been Monica JLL Seet (Monichic) once again with Fashion reporting!
But this time its part of the cultural world of fashion!

"Your Style, Your identity"

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