Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tutu skirts are hot this Fall/Winter 2013

Tutu skirts are one of my favorite trends this Fall/Winter 2013! They will always be one of the most classic edgy pieces ever.  These are also the fashion pieces to die for since they are not like any other. I was at Bershka about a week ago at Glorietta and I saw black tutu skirts as new arrivals. So far, they are my most favorite skirts that Im glad I got a grey one and even designed one myself.  They also have been very popular with many look bookers.  They were constantly worn by Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City and I will never forget her being one of the greatest style icons of all time and Sex and the City are one of my favorite fashion TV series/movies. I think she totally pulls it off and I like her cute and simple outfit in the middle.   We also must never forget that this is also the trademark of Betsey Johnson with her constant designs as a former dancer. So it was one of her inspirations to create funky costumes, including tutu skirts which were originally made for ballet.   One of my favorite singers, Avril Lavigne has also worn a pink and black one like this and a red and black one as well which makes her a girly girl punk rocker.   I also like how singer and former Disney Channel star Lalaine wears it as her very own personal style that is not like any other. I always thought she had a cute and edgy unique style which actually suits her character, Miranda Sanchez on the show, Lizzie Mcguire which is one of the Disney Channel shows I miss so much from the early 2000's.
This shows that tutu skirts will never fade and go out of style.

Avril Lavigne. I think the distressed stockings are going so well with the tutu dress.  I always loved her edgy, punk style as well. She has always been my idol since I was only 12 (That was when I began my edgy style)

Old picture of Lalaine. Love how she wears it with a lace top and combat boots.

Some people say that they are somewhat lingerie style but I think they are more decent looking although they are constantly made of tule and lace. Just don't wear them with bustiers as it can look slutty.  The one I designed below are mostly only suitable for fashion events and I will totally wear that to Fashion Week, Holiday 2014 with my distressed tights while Ive been told too many times that its too formal and I look as if I jumped out of a magazine.   I will also wear this if I have an anime convention to go to with my friends who are anime lovers. Id wear this skirt in a Lolita style with my bow in front top from Ever New and maybe a huge ribbon headband or if I can borrow a cosplay wig.  

One way to make this kind of skirt not look too formal would be to wear a leather moto jacket with it, a cat ear beanie and combat boots, sneakers or creepers . Wear a matching cotton graphic tee as well. 
My Own creation, Punk ballerina

Betsey Johnson

Betsey Johnson

Betsey Johnson

Betsey Johnson
Once again this has been MonicChic Seet with trend reporting!

"Your Style is who you are!"

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