Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Help a Child in need with Style

TOMS has always been the most popular comfortable shoes that are to help a person in need whenever a pair is purchased.  If you purchase a pair of TOMS, a pair of shoes will be given to a person in need. Charity and fashion business is a really great combination. Its also a very kind act as well.  This company was founded in 2006 by a business man from Texas named Blake Mycoskie. It all started when he travelled to Argentina and saw that they had no shoes to protect their feet, so he decided to set up this shoe company.  As the years went by, these shoes became a trend with many young people which is totally one of the best trends ever, because it shows that many people want to help a person in need and these shoes also look very long lasting.  People in need will no longer be cold as Ive seen almost everyone has purchased a pair of TOMS.  I also like how they came up with selling eyewear (with every purchase, of sunglasses, one person will be given sight).  Why not use your talent in fashion to be successful and help people in need? Id love to do that one day if I find a way, maybe half the money I earned can go to charity when I sell my designs one day. 

These pictures here are the pairs that I think are the most fashionable designs that are very unique and seriously one of a kind.  I just ordered an old design that is striped and stay tuned for my outfit in my new TOMS when they arrive. If you are the edgy and fancy type, I think that these are the ones for you all. You can be fashionable and charitable at the same time as a charitable person/community server myself, this is something I like doing. 
You can get an old design for less, or get any of the regular priced designs at Nordstrom or any local shoe store in the United States. Here in the Philippines, you can get cute ones at a store in Power Plant Mall near National Bookstore.  So far, I love the ones with letters, animal prints and sequins all over. You can pair them with with stockings, a leather skirt or shorts. Like that, you've helped a child in need with your personal style.  But if you are ordering old collections for less, be sure they are authentic and look up on how to spot fake TOMS. 

You can tell if they are fake if they are not made in the usual countries they are manufactured in,  not strong, fake packaging, if the made in china label is in front and if the message inside the shoes don't match. 

Stay humble!,

Monica JLL Seet (Monicchic)

"Serve by using your gift"
-My Own Fashion Quote of the day

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