Saturday, November 9, 2013

Trending now in the Philippines and all over: Midi Skater Skirts

 It looks like the 50's and the 60's are back with midi skater skirts!  I was at Greenhills Shopping center today and I constantly saw midi skater skirts that I even bought one pink and black one! So stay tuned for my blogger outfit in it. These days midi skirts have been trending all over from different styles, body-con, skater and slit. These skirts were first popular in the 1950's (Worn with buttoned up shirts and tiny scarves).  They were even featured in the latest issue of the magazine I bought today, Cosmopolitan Philippines (see below) worn by many celebrities and young women. I like wearing these skirts because they can last longer and mini skirts shrink very easily, especially if your a tall or a medium sized person. I would strongly suggest wearing these with comfortable heels in order for you not to look like you have chunky legs. Id totally wear it with my lita booties or my white open boots. If I were going to a retro party, then Id wear it with now of my buttoned up shirts and my oxfords.  These are also being sold everywhere such as Forever 21, asos online store, Dorothy Perkins and TOPSHOP.

These skater skirts were often worn by the characters in the Broadway Musical/ Movie, Grease which is about the rebellious and fabulous 50's. It was even used for the main character Sandy's cheerleader outfit. (Rydell High) The pencil midi skirts were also used in the movie, worn by the pink ladies as well.   Ill get one like that when I go to Singapore in Decemeber. H&M has the best affordable ones. Grease is also one of my favorite movies as well, not only for the fashion, I also love the songs played, while Im also a Broadway Junkie/addict as a New Yorker.

So if you are going to a costume party with your girls, I would say go to the party as the pink ladies, by just throwing on pink midi skirts, buttoned up shirts and black leather bomber jackets or if you have a theme in your school called "Movie Day" or "Character Day". Dressing like that will save you money and you'll be wearing costumes you can wear in your every day lives as well. Look below at the pink ladies skirts, I found on Google images. I think that the midi skirts also look awesome with a blazer draped over your back our a leather jacket. Looking forward to more of your lovely midi skirt outfits!

(c) Cosmopolitan Philippines, November 2013 issue

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Dorothy Perkins

This has once again been Monica JLL Seet (Monichic) with reporting trends alert!,

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