Friday, November 1, 2013

Tales of an Angkor Wat tourist

Hi everybody,

 Im finally back from Siem Reap, Cambodia! I had such a fun vacation honestly speaking, but didn't have time to blog because I was busy touring and shopping cheap. I saw a lot of cool cultural fashion over there at the night markets with their own style and export over runs. Im glad I was able to get their  tribal native print back pack that is so convenient for school. So stay tuned for my blog entry about what I saw at the markets! The stuff are so affordable and has a decent quality! Its a chill place as well with gorgeous permanent smiles and its a place I would recommend all of you to visit.

I wore this outfit when I was touring the temples that had a lot of walking. This is one of my fashion tips on how to be comfortable with style. These drawstring trousers are very comfortable with a soft material. These are currently in style right now and they come in different prints. Cotton On has many of these. I only wore it with flats for walking comfort but in order not to make it look like Pajamas, Id wear it with heels to make it look more chic.  I wore pants because your not allowed to wear short shorts in the temples. So these are very convenient and not very hot. But I would recommend you all to visit Angkor Wat temple while its one of the 7 wonders of the world (A Must See) and you can learn by traveling. But really do be comfortable, it was a really big temple with a lot of climbing and walking. So don't carry your best bag or wear your best clothes.  

Reflection photo I took of Angkor Wat Temple.

I am wearing a floppy sun hat from Market! Market! (Fashion Market). I got it for only PHP 150. This is also can be used for the beach. This hat will make you look like a chic tourist. Its safe over there to look like a tourist unlike places where you have to blend as much as possible.

These trousers are from 168 Mall, Divisoria that I only got for PHP 150. That is one of the best wholesaler stores, but if you wanna go shopping there, be sure to watch your bag and be careful with your gadgets and money. I would suggest carrying a fanny pack to hide inside your shirt. 

These rubber soled comfort flats are from Aerosoles that were only PHP 1,800. I had these for two years and a half already. So I didn't really mind getting them a little bit dirty and they are still good.

The cross body bag I am carrying is from Aranaz (Rags to Riches). It was a gift from a family friend. 

Be comfortable with style!,

Monica JLL Seet (Monichic)

"You use your wardrobe pieces differently, you save more"
-My Own Fashion quote of the day

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