Saturday, October 26, 2013


Patriotism and Fashion also go well together. As an American Citizen myself, I decided to improvise a patriotic outfit together and I will also show you all on how I did a DIY at the back of this vest and this is a new style I wanted to try. I also wore this chill outfit to church last night that is not too loud and provocative. If you wanna wear your denim vest like this, wear an awesome bib necklace to make it more chic than nerdy. I decided to use my American flag bandana as well to complete the patriotic look and also my collar necklace.  Patriotic fashion are sometimes used in fashion shows like Moschino using their own country's Italian flag on a tank top. It was used in the Spring/Summer 2014 Milan Fashion Week and I liked it a lot.  So show that you have pride for your countries by wearing the colors just like how I also can wear the colors of the Singapore flag while my main ethnicity is Singaporean but born in the States and grew up in the Philippines.

Here I am wearing a starry vest from Kohl's in Bakersfield, CA over a year ago. The brand is Authentic icon and it was only about USD$17.80. The clothes there are very affordable and long lasting.  My collar necklace is from Claire's in Woodbury outlet that I forgot how much it was. 

I paired it with my striped dress I got at Greenhills tiangge for only PHP 350. Many of the clothes there are imported from Bangkok. Thailand. They are affordable and good at the same time depending on which fabric you buy. I am wearing red bow flats from Mitju, a Singaporean brand. That is one of the best shoe brands ever. 

This bandana below is from Claire's that I bought sometime ago. I like how they can be used as headbands or head scarves these days. 

This is the back of my vest. I used an old faded graphic tank top, cut the letters one by one and sewed it on directly and the lace is from an old laced top I got at Target.  Work your personal styles!

I might not be able to blog when Im in Cambodia for about 4 days, so see you all when I get back if I don't have time to blog and Ill keep you all updated with anything style related I saw there. 
Im sure there are many cheap export over runs there such as Aeropostale, Abercrombie and Hollister because casual brands also have their garments manufactured there because they have one of the cheapest labors there! So Ill tell you guys if I get any or see any!


Monica JLL Seet (Monichic)

"Fashion is not just fashion, it's art, its life, its expression"
-My Own fashion quote of the day

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