Saturday, November 23, 2013

Stay fit and chic! Its never impossible!


Im sure you all are into Yoga and Pilates these days! (Including me and some people in my school) So there are still ways to look chic and stylish while your exercising. Whats stoping you? To look chic at the same time, I would say wear printed spandex material pants with a plain top or plain pants with a printed top. Make sure that they are both tight from top to bottom in order for you to move around very easily. Bright colored work out wear would look great as well. The pop art outfits above are insanely unique and they are to die for. They are so Fashionable Fitness! They are from evolve fit wear. Click the link above for more trendy yoga attire.  For hair, make sure your hair is always tied in a bun to prevent your hair from flying while doing all the moves.    Yoga is something that I developed a new interest in while there is no more boxing in my area. I started taking Anti-Gravity Yoga in Dasmarinas Village this week and I can't wait to go again as much as I enjoyed it no matter how many upside down positions we had to do.  It clears your mind a lot and you feel relaxed after, so I would recommend you all to take it or any fitness activity there is. I love doing yoga and working out during my free time with my stationary bike and weight lifting.

Another place to shop for cute yoga attire/workout wear would be  GAP stores/Factory outlets. That is where these pants below are from and I think they are pretty cool to wear with a cute plain tank top or a crop top.  You can also get cute ones from Forever 21.  The work out wear in those stores are more affordable than Nike or Addidas.
 For Yoga, you can also wear a crop top with a tight tank or camisole inside along with spandex pants. I wore that kind of attire when I had yoga this week. I wore my fringe top from K8Los Angeles with my striped tank from GAP inside and my Mom's old Fila pants. (Look below at me hanging upside-down  as one of our required poses) The following week I go back, I will wear my striped pink and black crop top, with my Forever 21 camisole and my leopard print trousers.  For your choice of lingerie, I would strongly recommend trainer/sports bras for protection. SM (Shoe Mart) department store has the best affordable ones especially the brand, Jockey.

Here in the Philippines, you can also shop at for super cute work out/yoga clothes, especially the cutting edge leggings which are the best for yoga. So really do check it out.

I hope you all enjoyed my fashion tips on how to look chic while do yoga! Good luck and Work those moves!

These are from a wholesale site You can look chic in these yoga pants.

Latest photo of me at Anti-Gravity Yoga

- Monica JLL Seet (Monichic)

"Your style is who you are!"

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