Friday, November 22, 2013

Blog your dreams

Original Balenciaga cropped pullover

Im happy, I found another way to wear this pullover.  I decided to wear it with my maxi skirt, and also carry my new clutch with it. Sweatshirts with maxi skirts always make cute and edgy outfits especially if the prints are edgy. I also decided to wear my sleeveless collar sheer top under it to give it more and more edge.  This is one of my favorite pieces in my closet, actually my most favorite top I have so far while these are normally hard to find. As much as I love to express my self with blogging, this clutch is also one of my favorite pieces in my closet. So Im glad that these clutches are in for Fall 2013.  I really think that these large wristlets are more healthier for the back than shoulder or cross body bags and I wanna keep my spine healthy by not carrying a shoulder bag all the time.  But hold on tight to it to prevent bag snatchers.  
This is how to be practical and wear your fashion pieces differently as well, especially if we all need to budget ourselves like I said before and if they are not that cheap. Just don't repeat outfits too much or wear the same piece too often. Change them/buy new ones only when your current pieces start too look old or too faded.

Here I am wearing my pullover top from Androgyne Manila that was only PHP 580. The sheer collar shirt I am wearing is from Surplus shop that was only PHP 350. Its a TOPSHOP export over run. 

My skirt is from NAVA that was only PHP 350 on sale and my clutch that says Blog your dreams is from that was only PHP 491 in total. I thought it was a great price for the size of it.

I am wearing my spiked loafers from ZARA TRF that were only PHP 2,500. That is the best place to get edgy, comforting and long lasting shoes, especially if they are on sale.

Hope you enjoyed this look!,

Monica JLL Seet (Monicchic)

"Edgy never dies"
-My Own Fashion quote of the day

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