Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Most unique designs from Urban Outfitters!

I shall say that Urban Outfitters is one of the best stores in the USA with its unusual designs that cannot be found in many other stores. They sell fashion apparel, accessories and home ware as well. Interior, furniture and fashion always go very well together.
 This is one of my most favorite stores ever especially if there is a further reduction sale. This has been a popular store for many years that it was even mentioned in the old Disney Channel show, Wizards Of Waverly place, in the episode when Selena Gomez's character went there for the crazy 10 minute sale.  I am subscribed to this store, so this is the latest update I got in my inbox with the latest designs they are selling.  Right now, the jumper with a tutu skirt is to die for and its not like any other design. Id totally pick that out for a pop singer to wear on stage or if I was a celebrity myself, Id wear that with a studded snapback and stiletto ankle boots.  I also like how the slip is sewn with a tutu skirt and also that can be worn for formal occasions to make the skirt of your cocktail dress wider.  My opinions on these designs are, I think its not a trend follower like any other. I shall call this the ultimate stylish trend setter. I also call the jumper dress below, edgy as pie and its also looking exceptionally unique.  Rocker chick and street style are the hottest looks this season! Rock your personal style but be real! 

This has been Monica JLL Seet (Monichic) once again with style reporting!,

Your Style, Your identity!

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