Monday, November 18, 2013

Cool Cat in a Crop Top

Keeping cool and comfy this Fall/Winter 2013 is fun!  These days these crop tops are the most popular and I think are better and edgier than the turtle neck ones in my own opinion. Cat ear hats and beanies has also been a long term fad for a very long time.  Id like to a cap version someday and also a new gold necklace once I save up more this week or when I do my shopping in Singapore. I can seriously feel that the trends this Fall/Winter 2013 will never die down and will always stay because the accessories and the colors go so well with anything that we can maybe mix them with summer colors to evolve. Gold, Beanies and Wristlet Clutches are the best that will never fade  So I shall call it style, like the late Yves Saint Laurent once said "Fashions Fade, Style is eternal"
This is one of my chill get ups when I go to a more down to earth place like Market! Market! to buy fabric for my sewing class so I was making sure not to be so loud and so skimpy at the same time in order not to get so much attention. If you wanna wear a crop top and make it not look so slutty, I would suggest wearing something high waisted and just show one inch or half an inch of your belly and cover the all of your legs.  Showing too much can give the wrong messages sometimes and invite naughty men. Crop Tops has been on going since the year, 2010 and are part of the 90's kid look as mentioned before.

Miley Cyrus in her 90's kid look!

Here I am wearing this Crop Top from Greenhills Tiangge along with my Girl Shoppe necklace that was only PHP 200. They sell many of these and they come in different styles. 

I am wearing this checkered skort from 168 Divisoria that was only PHP 200.  I am carrying my new wristlet from  that was only PHP 491 in total and the brand is Ichigo. 

This is the most convenient clutch I have and its big enough for your stuff. So grab one now before they run out. I also like its saying to Blog your dreams which will make you follow your dream. 

I paired the outfit with these wedged sneakers to look more chic sporty. They were only USD$ 29.99 from Marshall's department store. Its designers heaven over there! Maybe I will get a Betsey Johnson bag from there next time.

 I am wearing my new cat ear beanie from Terranova that was on sale for only PHP 295.  That is the best casual brand from Italy and very affordable as well.  The designs are very unique and one of a kind casual and easy to wear. 

Rock your crop tops with rhythm!,

Monica JLL Seet (Monicchic)

"Stay comfy not always sparkly"
-My Own Fashion Quote of the day

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