Monday, November 18, 2013

Block lettered Pendants

The fad I am totally spotting right now are chain necklaces with  block lettered pendants. They are part of the street wear theme this Fall/Winter 2013. I am loving  these jewelry besides the ones with a lion head and the ones that are only a chain. These would seriously go so well with the crop tops that are currently in. I think they will so look hot with snap back caps and beanies as well. Come on and show your inner gangster styles! I was at Bershka recently and I saw many of these and also the cheap ones in Market! Market! but they are too fragile if they are made of plastic.  They also look great with basically everything, even a moto jacket. To me, I think the gold ones are the best because they will stand out even more than any other color would.  To top it all off with this necklace and a snap back, combat boots or litas and a flannel shirt.  
These necklaces started off small with engraved names on it and the ones that say love but I'm digging the ones that say Rich or OMG!  It looks like this necklace will never be out of style and can also be worn with a collar shirt as well and a super cute graphic pullover.  I will probably get one if I find a good quality chain necklace like this. Looking foward to more of these!

This has been Monica JLL Seet (Monicchic) with Trend reporting!,

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