Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sweet Child O Mine

I just love GUNS and Roses So much that they are by far one of my favorite classic rock bands.  I love this song, Sweet Child O Mine by GUNS and Roses.
It took long for me to choose what to wear that is appropriate for church. I am also trying the style of draping my jacket over my shoulders. Its fun to try something new. Today I decided to pair this muscle tee with my leopard leggings because that is the one that matches with it the most among all the other ones I have. I know I am always edgy but, honestly its who I really am! I can try wearing leather one day with floral prints. It would totally parody a romantic and fragile look one me and create a badass romance or I shall call it Bad Romance mixing floral prints with skulls and leather which is of course inspired by Lady Gaga's song which is one of my favorites.  I seriously like that due to the fact that I think its almost like calling your ex's evil.
This was so easy to throw on whiteout becoming a fashion disaster though today wasn't so cool due to the crowd and the heat that I don't like outdoors these days.  So Im glad this was taken at a mall sky park at SM Aura.
As a practical person myself I don't repeat outfits but I mix and match them differently and shop at stalls as a student and sometimes my parents don't let me constantly shop.  So this will be one of my practical fashion tips for the day. But if course if you had your clothes for more than a year, then you have to replace them already because they get faded and torn.

I got this muscle tee at Androgyne Manila for only PHP 280.  I chose this thrift store jacket to drape over myself because I thought its practically the only one that matches as well and also its like the new fashion statement. 

As you all know I got these leggings for only PHP 150 in Market! Market! They have a wide selection of cheap leggings there and the zebra print ones are one of the best ones as well. My Wedged sneakers are from Marshall's (Brand: SODA) that were only USD$29.99. (PHP 1,200) I thought its such a great price unlike the imported ones here that are about PHP 4,000 ish. 

Stay stylishly cool!

Monica JLL Seet (Monichic)

"Its not about Splurging! Its about mixing and matching"
-My Own Fashion quote of the day


  1. What a cool blog ! I really love your creative style !!!

    1. Thanks so much Luna for the sweet comments and hypes on Look Book! I love your creative style too! Its insanely unique! <3 Ill check your blog out too and subscribe!!