Monday, October 21, 2013

Chic in Sneakers

It is never impossible to look chic in any way, by using your pieces you own in your huge closet. This will also make you watch your shopping habits. Im glad these sneakers can be used for sports and casual wear as well. I use them for badminton sometimes and if Im doing cardio while they were used for boxing several times. So I decided to try a new street look today with these shoes on and I think they match with my pullover as well. To keep up with Fall/Winter 2013 I also wanted to wear a nude color today and pink is also one of my most favorite colors.  Street wear and sporty wear are also two of the trends for this season and I am loving the collections.
 From young, Ive always paired pink and black to mix girly and edgy. I am wearing my DIY sweater again because I felt like I was in a fashion disaster the last time I paired it with my leopard print leggings and it was too far. So here is a better view of it.  These days sneakers are in with such chic outfits due to the fact that they are very easy to move around in and are safer that it will keep you from being an easy target and the grounds have been wet these days. But just don't wear ordinary clothes with them, make sure your still spiced up.  This is the outfit I told you all to stay tuned for ever since I showed you guys the video from VOGUE.
Here I am wearing my DIY pullover that was originally a turtle neck top from MANGO that was under PHP 1000. The zebra Barbie sign is from my graphic tee from Wal-Mart that was only USD$ 5.00. 

To match, I wore this fuchsia and black lego bracelet that I bought from Claire's a few years ago. I always love their quirky accessories, they are the best and very affordable. You'll never be too young for that store. 

I am wearing my pleather skirt from Forever 21 that was only PHP 1175. They have many of those there and they come in different colors.
 I am carrying my tote from Longchamp that was only around 40 Euros from a department store in Barcelona, Spain. I like how these are long lasting and convenient and I don't really care how ordinary they are as long as you carry it with an edgy outfit. 

These sneakers that are for sports and casual wear are from Planet Sports that were only about PHP 1,600 ish on sale. The brand is K-Swiss. I thought its pretty cheap for a pair of rubber shoes that are normally PHP 2,000 to 6,000. K-Swiss is also one of my favorite sports brands.  Spice up your sneakers fashionistas!!

-Monica JLL Seet (Monichic)

"Stylishness is never impossible with any fashion piece in your closet, its how you wear it"
-My Own Fashion Quote of the day


  1. I love your DIY top ! And I love Claire's, I went there yesterday to see what they had for Halloween !

    1. Thanks again Luna! High five! That is my favorite accessory store ever since I was a kid! Your always so sweet and stylish!