Saturday, October 19, 2013

Philippine Fashion Week Spring Summer 2014 Participating Brands and Desi...


It looks like the days are going so fast! The Philippine Fashion Week trailers and schedules are already out and the actual event starts on the 23rd- the 27th with such talented designers and brands. My favorite brand is Pennshoppe and I love all the designers equally. Although everyone is creative in their own ways.  I remember going to many of the designer shows especially the Grand Allure and Luxewear and I knew that floppy hats were going to be in for Spring.Summer 2013. I can't wait to see what will be in for Spring/Summer 2014 here in the Philippines. Go and work it your way designers and models! I know you all are talented and will continue making new designs! I also loved going to the Jag Origins show and the the Dickies underwear as well with how they are creatively styled without try too hard and the gorgeous models naturally walking gracefully! Im glad you designers and those in-charged of the event know who to hire. And plus, Summer colors are by far the most fun to look at with really stunning multicolors and lively prints.

What I can't wait to see are the super small checks that have evolved or shrunken from the larger checks we had last summer.  I shall say its like a vise versa version of Pokemon's when they evolve. It also looks like the red white and blue color scheme is part of the lively theme! They will so be chic for the 4th of July! Im just way too excited for this to come! But for the most part I am loving Fuschia+Neon Green for the summer! Im sure I can improvise an outfit later in February!

Style your way!
-Monica JLL Seet (Monichic)


  1. I cant wait to see if Pinoy designers will also go monochrome for summer or we will have a different trend here in Pinas.. Got my invites and Im just super excited!! Hope to see u around girl!! =)


    1. Same here! I can't wait to see how they will use the trends! I just love exploring fashion in different cultures! Wow! Good for you! I hope to see you around too, my name is Monica Jin Li Seet! :) Nice to meet ya Ben!

    2. By the way im going to Ms. lizanne Cua, Vision and trends, and cream silk show (vejay floresca and co.). Hope I can see u there as well!! Speaking of dickies underwear, i love how they use the cosplay and anime concept during their last season's show. Sadly, I wasnt able to score tickets for their spring summer 2014 show. Nice meeting u as well.. I'll bookmark ur blog my friend.. =)

    3. awwe Thanks! You seem very nice! Ill be following you as well! I know the Dickies Underwear show last time was beast, like the normal Victorias Secret Fashion shows! I love the anime theme as well as a former cosplayer! I hope to see you at those shows as well! :) By the way do you work for a magazine?