Friday, October 11, 2013

Put it all like a Hipster

Dressing up like a hipster can be a whole lot of fun! I love trying different styles such as bandanas and other edgy styles. I am inspired by Taylor Swift's song 22 when she says "It feels like a perfect night to dress up like hipsters, make fun of our ex's" I feel that way sometimes especially if my past relationships come back to my head and I like a lot of Taylor Swift's songs as well even though she normally doesn't change the topics of her songs, but the tunes are great!  Maxi skirts and moto jackets are one of the most perfect outfits for the fall especially if the weather is moderate. It was a rainy day today which made the classroom temperature feel like a freezer or Antarctica  Red leather is hotter than yellow leather (Inspired from a famous tongue twister). Its also as striking as a lightning that its just so gorgeously fierce!  Red has also always been one of my favorite colors besides Fuchsia and Purple.

Red and black tribal prints are also very in this Fall 2013 and I am digging it. I first found out about this from Wet Seal's specific fall guide. I always get updates like these in my inbox from the stores Im currently subscribed to. I really like how black and red tribal prints that look almost like snowflakes can be used in fall/winter collections.  They really look great as holiday outfits but be careful, some of them can look pretty old fashion.   What inspired me to wear this outfit was after seeing many street styles with bandanas being used as a headband and I wore one like this for the first time back in July of this year when it was July 4.  My most favorite ones are the American Flag designs.

Here I am wearing a bandana from some tiangge here in the Philippines. They sell many of these and I like using bandanas as a headband sometimes.  I am wearing my DIY Moto Jacket from the Thrift store when I got a bunch of clothes for only PHP 400. They have great deals there and the jackets are really awesome as well.  

Here I am wearing a tribal print top that my Tita bought me when she went to Bangkok! So Id like to thank her a lot for this pasalubong. 

And of course I got this convenient skirt from NAVA on sale for PHP 350. Id love to get another maxi skirt sometime because I am loving them so much that Ill have a more sheer mesh one made some day or Ill buy one if I can find one thats not so expensive.  Have fall fun with tribal prints!!

-Monica JLL Seet (Monichic)

"Fall for the right season and you won't have a style problem"
-My Own Fashion Quote of the day

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