Thursday, October 10, 2013

Trend Alert: Midi Body-con Skirts/Dresses

It looks like midi body con skirts/dresses are topping the trend list this fall. From my observations, I think they look great with such a cute crop top with words such as GEEK or NERD or with a team number on it. I first saw them at Push Thru Marketing Inc. in Market! Market! and H&M in Singapore. Im going to get one when I go to Singapore in two months time! (They are too overpriced here in Manila)  I always visit H&M there in my home country, Singapore.  I am loving the comflaged and the zebra print ones above. Id wear the camouflaged one with ankle flat boots, a bandana and my number graphic crop top if only these clothes and shoes were cheaper here in Manila.  If you wanna wear them and you think they make your legs look chunky, wear stilettos with it or 4 inched heels.
Ive been seeing these being worn at the recent fashion weeks at London and New York city a lot.  So they are rocking the streets these days! I can't wait to own one and I can wear it with my cheap GEEK crop tee and a bandana.
I also admire the long sleeved midi dresses and I first saw it at TOPSHOP but it was really uncomfortable and too thick to wear here in Manila. I will show a picture of the one I found on That is one of my favorite online stores besides URBANOG and NASTY GAL.  They have the best street wears in those stores (Unique).

Found when I googled Midi skirts

From Forever 21

Rock these out with fall!,

Monica JLL Seet (Monichic)

"Your Style Your Identity"!

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