Monday, October 14, 2013

Pump up your Plaid Shirts with Studs!

Ive been noticing that many young people love to wear plaid shirts since 2009. This was another fashion comeback from the 1990's.  So I am going to show you guys how to spice up your plaid shirts. These plaid shirts above are from ZARA and I saw something like this at Cotton On last night.  I seriously thought that studded pockets are pretty cool asides from studs on the shoulders.  I would suggest wearing these type of plaid shirts and not the typical distressed ones because they are getting too common and they can look like what farmers wear sometimes.  So to spice up your plaid shirt, I would suggest sewing your own studs to it or change it and buy this kind like the one above. The dark red and black plaid shirts that are trends of this fall 2013, are not like any other and are a one of a kind design.  I think they are more like luxury plaid rather than just typical plaid or too nerdy.
 I also spotted one at with studded shoulder areas. That also looks super cute.
Wear it with a a graphic tee inside but make sure they are all edgy at the same and not a faded and tattered graphic tee. 

A graphic tee of your favorite classic rock band or crosses all over will be super cute and with a maxi skirt along with a snap back. Look below on how I styled it on
Its the best styling site I have ever seen that you can actually put pieces together. I practice this because Id like to become a critique and a stylist for a fashion magazine someday!  This will make you look very edgy and feminine at the same time! Flat ankle boots or mid heels will look great with the outfit. You will look like a true rebel in it. 

 Here I like how this is paired with studded shorts, but if you wanna pair it with studded shorts I would suggest spicing it up with stockings and combat boots a studded bag and a black bowler hat. You can also add a small buckle belt with a spiked bib or collar necklace.  In that way, you won't look like an old fashioned teacher or too much like a school girl in it. You can still stand out in a good way and look like an edgy rocker chick! Have fun with your shirts and still look pretty in plaid and pretty in punk at the same time!

Lets rock the fall!,

Monica JLL Seet (Monichic)

"Edginess will always turn you fashionista fierce!"
-My Own Fashion Quote of the day

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