Friday, October 18, 2013

Giuliano Fujiwara Lookbook Spring/Summer 2014 | FashionTV

Know the colors well, Know the trends, you'll turn into a fashion genius. I call it style intelligence! Giuliano Fujiwara is one of the most stylish designers with collections like no other especially his sneakers. Milan is the best place for fashion with unique Italian designs.  Now I can see that tiny checkered prints are so going to look hot this so hot summer, especially when I also saw it in the trailer for Philippine Fashion Week Spring.Summer 2014! I totally can't wait to see such talented Filipino designers with a bright future for the fashion industry to boom in the Philippines! Go Asia!  I am loving the color green for the season as well. I am also loving the location of the shoot with the fresh air and where the grass is always greener for summer!   The garden is also as beautiful as the sunlight, so its very Spring.Summer beauty!

Sorry for not blogging yesterday, because I had a party to go to and I was one of those who shopped for the stuff needed at the party. I still feel kinda sick from the alcoholic drinks, though I don't drink all the time that I had to sleep the whole afternoon, so excuse me if I also can't write much today.
But do check out the video above from Fashion TV. I am always fascinated with how Fashion TV can seriously film behind the scenes of the fashion photo shoots. Its very creative and suitable for all fashion students to learn something especially if you wanna be an advertiser or a coordinator! As for me I will always have a passion for fashion, so I just can't get enough of anything in Fashion!

See you all Fashionistas!,

Monica JLL Seet (Monichic)

"You know you got a passion for fashion if you really strive"
-My Own Fashion Quote of the day

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