Thursday, October 24, 2013

Petit Mode Spring/Summer 2014


It looks like Petit Monde Spring/Summer 2014 is keeping up with the great color scheme of fuchsia,red, green and indigo.  I also like the monochrome chevron printed skirt. Its edgy and fun at the same time with eye catching and lively colors and prints. I am also a fond of the rainforest/jungle theme with the monkey print dress. It looks like its going to be one summer jungle, especially when I saw a similar theme when I was Youtubing Sao Paulo fashion week all the way in Brazil or I shall call it a stylish jungle.  I am loving so far because the tropical rainforest is supposed to be related to summer with the climate. The colorful dress is the one I am loving the most with such great combinations and a picture on the dress. Petit Monde is one of the best local brands here in the Philippines and I like how realistic looking pictures are printed on these dresses and that has been on going for sometime now and Im loving it. I gotta see if I can totally pull that off.  Its catching my eye all the way. I saw on Facebook that the DAS shoes were styled with some of the outfits. Those are one of my favorite shoe lines as well with a great work of art killer heels.   Im glad they got actual celebrities to model for the show. You all look beautiful!

All I really have to say is that, many of these realistic printed dresses are not like any other dresses Ive seen before and I am really digging them so much. The first time Ive seen realistic looking prints are when I saw them on body con skirts from Trunk show and many others from stores here in the Philippines.

Work your walks models and keep the creativity flowing to all designers!,

Monica JLL Seet (Monichic)

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