Thursday, October 24, 2013

Chevron Crosses

This is my outfit I wore yesterday! Sorry for not blogging again last night, so don't expect a lot from me because I had to work on my assortment plan for my upcoming business for a school project and hunting out for suppliers and had to go find some suppliers today somewhere far from my house. So Ill probably be selling on my blog someday.  I also couldn't get Look Book working and the internet was super slow. Anyways I wore this outfit to school today while I wanted to try a new style and it was comfortable enough for me to concentrate in. Ill post a look book photo as soon as I can get it working because its not letting me add another image.
Anyways I decided to mix up Chevron and Crosses together because I thought it will be cool and fun to look at and my cropped denim jacket. Its just like a fruit shakes flavor with mixing and matching the prints in a blender. These are the only kind of cross prints I like better than the huge printed Madonna cross on a t shirt.  Im fine with them as long as they don't have any religious controversies and these crosses has been a long term fad since last years Fall/Winter collections.

I am wearing my cropped jacket with DIY details including one of my favorite bands, Metallica badge. You can get these at 168 Divisoria for only PHP 300 or if they are on sale at Rue 21 in the USA for only USD$ 3.00

I got this Cross graphic tee from Greenhills Shopping Centre for only PHP 150. The deals are good nowadays with such great Holiday sale. 

I am wearing my favorite slit maxi skirt given to me by my Tita in New Jersey. It was only USD$ 14.80 from a store in Jersey Gardens Outlet, Papaya.  I am wearing my best matching heels from Charles and Keith outlet in Market! Market! that were only PHP 399. They are so comfortable and seriously not too high. I love prices like this for shoes while I come from a practical family and these are by far my cheapest pair. 

Love you all fashionistas!,

Monica JLL Seet (Monichic)

"Black and white prints will never be a hot mess with other prints"
-My Own Fashion Quote of the day

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