Wednesday, October 16, 2013

My Sporty Side

I can have a some-what sporty side besides being in the world of Fashion, and the arts! I also can't get enough of fitness by exercising almost everyday to get my mind of negative things and to strengthen myself.I also play badminton sometimes and Id love to take Pilates if I find a good class. Im only into gym, cardio an badminton because I also have a big fear of hard balls and can only handle shuttlecocks. I also used to love wall climbing when I was only in Elementary school and I also do lap swimming as a hobby sometimes.  This is the outfit I told you all to stay tuned for last night with the jersey crop top.  It was fun doing a DIY of this because when I bought it, I thought it was in a way too plain, to I decided to add a lot of edge to it which is including the left over studs I sewed on to the neckline.

This is one of my school outfit ideas to look comfy and chic-sporty at the same time. I also decided to carry a shiny and leatherette backpack with it to as some rebel to it.  But of course if your still in high school and wearing this outfit, I would suggest combat boots with this outfit.

I am wearing this jersey crop top from Push Thru Marketing Inc. in Market! Market! for only PHP 350.  My bandana was something I just found in my drawer of scarves.  Its fashion nowadays to wear a bandana as a headband.   They were used as neck scarves during the Old West. 

It was fun using the scissors to make a tattered pattern at the back to relive my stress. It was so fun and I always love patterns like these.

Details of the studs I sewed.

I got this backpack from my Aunt in California. She said she bought it for only USD$ 50 and the brand is LeSportsac. Id like to thank her so much for it. Its very edgy and unique and LeSportsac is one of my favorite casual brands.

I am wearing Union Jack jeggings from TOPSHOP that were on sale for only PHP 845. I like how these can last long because I got these way back in January 2013. I am wearing a pair of booties from Glaze in Orange County, California that were only USD$ 41.  

Don't loose your stylexpression!,

Monica JLL Seet (Monichic)

" Fashion is expressive"
-My Own Fashion Quote of the day

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