Saturday, October 26, 2013

Fashion Week BALMAIN Ready to Wear Paris Spring Summer 2014 57205

I can see that the houndstooth prints has gotten bigger for Spring/Summer 2014 from the small ones of this Fall/Winter 2013. I also really like the leather jackets as well. I like how they used chains for the bomber jackets. They were also used for the resort 2014 collection and I think that it will also look great on a celebrity going on a luxury cruise. This is by far one of the loudest looking collections of Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014 and I really love it. One of my favorites are the leather jackets (Black and gold ones). It looks like they really are going to keep the rebellious theme that evolved from this years Fall/Winter.  This is one of my favorite fashion brands from Paris that was founded in 1984.  So really do check out the video above, they have such an enthusiastic collection and I can see that they are keeping up with the street wear theme which is the most fashionable and edgy theme ever. So stay cute and stay edgy! Its almost the last day of Philippine Fashion Week and I like how they are also keeping up with the street wear trends. I am in love with chains!

Sorry if Im not able to write a lot today because I need to catch up on some school work and I was packing for my trip to Cambodia tomorrow and plus Im very exhausted coming back from a 4:30 mass in Greenbelt. So Ill blog about my chill outfit to Angkor Wat Temple and some of their very own cultural fashion style, if I spot anything unique. I also love exploring different fashion cultures of different countries.

Resort 2014. 
This jacket is seriously to die for and I like how this is styled with the ankle boots. 

This has been Monica JLL Seet with fashion reporting!

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