Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A long time trend: BOY

This is one of the trends Ive been seeing all over stores at the malls, especially Push Thru Marketing Inc., Market! Market! These are also really popular with many look book users with killer edgy styles.  I am also loving the printed leggings the most. The snapbacks are also very popular with fashion bloggers and seriously make a great street style accessory. They will look great with, the matching printed leggings and a loose crop top.  I also like the skater skirt below that would go well with a tank top and a blazer along with stockings and combat boots.

I also saw one of the export over runs at Greenhills Tiangge that was only about PHP 600 and it was one of those pull over tops.  I think that the BOY snapbacks are the trendiest that maybe Id like to own one someday if only I have something that matches.  To me I think that these are pretty one of a kind with the logo and the designs. I think these will make great outfits for Fall and will never go out of style.  I think that the black and white snapback can seriously match with anything, even a with a cute long sleeved skater dress  with combat boots or wedged sneakers.  That won't look like a typical outfit.
This is one way to also tone down and stand out in a good way. As for me I am not the type who likes to dress simply, so I always need to find ways to tone down.
 I would like to see the rest of you fashionistas rock the BOY trend! 

This has been Monica JLL Seet (Monichic) with trend reporting!

"Your Style, Your Identity"

Stay tuned for more!

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